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Outsite.org is a Scandinavian based website and magazine. We write about outdoor activities like hiking, canoing, basecamps, outdoor food, hammocking and a like. We have a Youtube Channel with new videos every week and we're strong on SoMe.

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Media Info

Media Info* Outsite.org The Magazine Outsite Denmark The Magazine Outsite Sweden**
Users 40.000 36.000 Release dato march 2019
Hits 360.000 240.000 -
Gender Female 39% /Male 61% Female 41% /Male 59% -
Top 5
Denmark - 81 %
USA - 4.1 %
Great Britain - 4 %
Norway - 3.2 %
Sweden 3.1 %

The figures are monthly average over a year. Rounding number down to nearest 1000.
*Statistics from Google Analytics and Issuu.com
**The Magazine Outsite Sweden will publish for the first time on the 1th of march 2019. Statistics will be awailible as soon as posible.

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August (OutDoor 2019 edition)
November (Christmas edition)
January 2020

The august special edition from OutDoor 2018, with news, live videos on SoMe and so on. The november christmas edition, with nice offers from the outdoor stores and "the best gift for christmas 2018".

Issue Sponsor

The Magazine Outsite DK and SE are free to read. Your brand can sponsor a issue. This gives you an ad at the first 2 pages (page 2-3) after the front page. Prices starts from 390 €. Please contact us for more info and deals.

Issue sponsors DK:

January - Your Brand
March - Nalgene
May - Teva
July - Sea To Summit
August (OutDoor 2019 edition) - Jetboil
September - Your brand?
November (Christmas edition) - Friluftsland

Issue Sponsors SE

March - Teva
May - Immen Kanotcenter
July - Summit To Eat
August (OutDoor 2018 edition) - Your brand?
September - Your brand?
November (Christmas edition) - Kupilka


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Size mm. 420 x 290 mm. 210 x 290 mm. 210 x 145 mm. or 105 x 290 mm. 105 x 145 mm.
Price 299 € 169 € 89 € 49 €

Packages are availible - Please contact us for deals.

Editorial content

We make editorial content, with "Know how", "How to" and "All about your brand" articles and videos. These are very populair amongst our readers. Prices starts from 449 €. Please contact us for more info and deals.


Outsite do not recieve payment for gear tests and reviews. However we have great partners, that we do product test and review articles and videos for.  Please contact us for more info.


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4070 Kirke Hyllinge

Phone: +45 6166 9559

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